WEATHER:  June & July daytime temperatures 18-23 degrees celcius (annual whale migration)

                    December & January 28- 30 degrees celcius in height of summer. Cyclones possible January to March

                    Note: December to March high rainfall can be expected.

LOCATION: Bedarra Island is approx. 7 kilometres off Mission Beach, N. Queensland

                    The home is located in East Bedarra, a cluster of only 7 homes on the island. There is an old resort, and

                    the newer Bedarra Resort on the island, however, these are not accessable by guests to E.Bedarra.  The

                    island has pristine coral sandy beaches, with gian granite boulders, fringed with lush tropical jungle.

GETTING THERE : Arrive by Mission Beach Charters, or the Water Taxi, or by Helicopter

               Usually a wade through warm waters, up to your knees on arrival, so wear shorts, and reef shoes.

               You will be met by our hosts on your arrival, and they will take your bags up to the house, in the "haffy"

PACKING: In soft carry bag,  Light cotton/linen clothing. Bathers, camera, hat, and walking shoes. No need for towels as all                                                                 

               linen supplied. Bring personal toiletries.  There are no shops or restaurants. Tea &  coffee  are supplied.    

SELF CATERING: supplies can be ordered ahead of time, and delivered to the charter boat, and brought over with you to the      island.  Re-suppllies can easily be ordered and delivered most times the next day.

THE HOUSE:      Southern hemisphere : low winter sun warms the home. In summer, the sun is largely screened by the  embankment behind.  Generous overhangs block most of the summer sun from entering the building.

Architect notes:the house is enhanced with Asian and African elements.  Vandyke says the view from the toilet would have to one of the best in Australia.  Masterminded by the famous photographer Peter Lik.

WATER ;    Water supply is from a natural spring on the island, and rainwater tanks. Pristine Water is a highly prized resource.

POWER:    Solar panels on the roof provide power to the building

CHAMPAGNE :  enjoy our complimentary champagne, already chilled in the fridge for your arrival.

BOOKINGS:       1800 135 539

     Mission Beach Charters, 074 088 6340,0432 743 132:  Water Taxi: Nancy 074 068 8310

     Woolworths: Stacy 074 220 5100  2055missionbeach@woolworths

WILDLIFE: Wear the provided stinger suits in stinger season in the water, wear reef shoes when walking on the reef,  be aware of snakes,  the Death Adder is dangerous, and hides under leaves and debris. Echidnas, the Ulysses Butterfly, Giant Birdwing butterfly, scrub fowls, sun birds, tree frogs, geckos are but a few. In the water,  turtles, dugongs, the occasional reef shark, and dolphins.

* Yes, a true Robinson Crusoe experience. Raw elements from nature, with 21st Century comforts

Not a bad place to be shipwrecked!

Fact File Official site of Contact : 1800 135 539